Computer-Based Training

Safety Plus currently offers over 60 online safety training courses. Course lengths vary depending on the amount of time required to fully cover the subject, and all courses include a post-test for proper documentation. These online training modules are accepted by many large facilities and can meet general compliance needs. For the courses, like forklift training, requiring physical assessments as well as the training and test, we provide assessment forms. Online courses are available for individual sale, by monthly library access, or are 100% included with a SafetyPlusWeb™ software subscription.

If you have questions about the online safety training provided by Safety Plus, please call us today at 251-661-7650 or send us an email.

Our Computer-based Trainings

Chemicals & Substances
Asbestos Awareness
Benzene Safety Awareness
Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S

Defensive Driving
Trucking-3 Points of Contact
Trucking-Adverse Driving Conditions
Trucking-Backing Awareness
Trucking-Changing Lanes Safely
Trucking-Distracted Driving
Trucking-Railroad Crossing Awareness
Trucking-Rollover Safety
Trucking-Workzone Safety

Aerial Lifts and Work Platforms
Forklift Training for Standard Industry and Construction
Machine Guarding
Overhead Crane Safety
Scaffold Training
Signal Person
Stairways and Ladders
Tools-Hand and Power

Industrial Hygiene
Access to Medical Exposure Records
Accident Reporting
Ergonomics and Back Safety

Back Safety
Compressed Gases
Confined Space-General Industry/Construction
EEO and Anti-Harassment
Employee Grievance Procedure
Electrical Safety and LOTO
Emergency Preparedness
Evacuation Procedures
Fall Protection with Stairways and Ladders
Fire Prevention and Protection Training
Fire Watch
Hearing Protection and Conservation
Lockout Tagout Awareness
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Violence in the Workplace
Working in Hot Conditions
Working in Cold Conditions

Bloodborne Pathogens

Concrete-Masonry Construction
Confined Space-Maritime
Cribbing Awareness
Electrical Safety-LOTO-Arc Flash
Flagging Safety
Safety for the Road Construction Worker
Spill Containment
Steel Erection
Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors
Trenching and Excavating
Welding and Cutting