Contractor Management Redefined

Companies do not get hurt – their employees do. Validate workers’ training and credentials on your site at the point of activity with SafetyPlusWeb’s Site Tracker.

SafetyPlusWeb Site Tracker

Most Contractor Management programs focus on the contracting companies and not on those companies’ employees. But companies don’t get injured. Companies don’t drive forklifts, work in confined spaces, or on scaffolds. Employees do. Safety Plus and SafetyPlusWeb Site Tracker can help you: 

  • Control facility access at the individual worker level
  • Validate actual training records of contractors’ employees
  • Capture data and working time records to better analyze and examine contractors’ performances
  • Reduce injury rates & increase efficiency
  • Offer real value to the contractors by giving them access to SafetyPlusWeb

Contractor Employee Qualification

Safety Plus Inc’s SiteTracker program allows customers to qualify and verify individual contractors’ employees on their sites. Customers determine qualification requirements with guidance from Safety Plus safety experts and track their completion in SafetyPlusWeb.

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Badged/Biometric Site Entry

Since contracting employees are tracked in SafetyPlusWeb, each employee can be assigned a badge and/or be tied to their own unique biometric data for scanning on the worksite. Scan employees at the gate and only allow current, qualified employees on to the site.

Manage Clocking In & Out

Requiring contracting employees to scan in and out of the worksite allows customers to pull accurate reports of time spent on the worksite by company or individual employee. Refer back to individual employee and company time records should billing questions ever arise.

Site Safety Personnel

For companies that require additional safety experience and administrative support on the worksite, Safety Plus provides qualified and experienced Site Safety Personnel on short and long-term bases. Adding an independent, qualified safety expert to your site increases overall compliance by way of unbiased evaluations and management of often-overlooked hazards.

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Require & Monitor Ongoing Safety Requirements

While most Contractor Qualification programs only monitor companies on the front end, Site Tracker allows customers to monitor ongoing safety efforts of contracting companies. Customers can require their contractors to submit JSAs, Safety Meetings, and Audits on a regular basis to ensure safety compliance is a daily effort and constant priority.

Try scanning this QR code from your smart phone to see a real- life example. Simply open your phone’s camera or QR reader and hover over the QR code without snapping the photo. You should be prompted to see a “Live” training and compliance report for a demo employee, William Stockman.

Audit Employee Training In Real Time

Unique Site Tracker QR codes for each employee can be added to badges or hardhat stickers, allowing customers to check contractor employee compliance in real time. Simply scan the QR code on any mobile device or tablet to generate a report on training history and current employee compliance. Eliminate the risk of unqualified employees performing hazardous tasks.

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