Re-Imagining Contractor Management

Most Contractor Management systems require a heavy investment from Owners and Contractors while providing limited value to only one side. Designed by Safety Plus Inc. for companies & facilities of any size utilizing contractors, SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ is the cost-effective contractor management solution that collects and validates critical safety, insurance, and compliance information for companies without unduly charging contractors. With SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ + SiteTracker Owners validate ongoing commitment to safety and ensure compliance down to the contractor’s employee level while also providing valuable safety tools for the contractor. SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ + SiteTracker verifies, monitors, and improves the actual safety performances of your contractors instead of focusing on the commonplace CYA measures of most contractor management systems

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ

Company-Level Vetting of Contractors' Safety Programs

Macro-Vetting: Qualify the Companies

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ vets contractors according to your own custom standards determined during implementation. Start with Safety Plus Inc’s standard questionnaire and add your own questions, document requirements, insurance levels and more. Require information from all contracting companies or according to tiered systems that differentiate between contractors, suppliers, and vendors.


  • Upload Insurance Documentation
  • Complete a Safety Questionnaire
  • Submit Historical Training Records & Statistics
  • Upload Relevant Safety Policies

Submissions are reviewed and validated by your own staff or by Safety Plus Inc’s Data Specialists before Contractors are approved, ensuring current compliance for all companies on your job site.

Go Further with SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ + SiteTracker

SafetyPlusWeb™ Site Tracker

Employee-Level Vetting of Contractors' Workers

Micro-Vetting: Qualify the Individual Workers

Take contractor safety to the next level with SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ + SiteTracker. Most Contractor Qualification software stops after vetting the company… but companies don’t get hurt, their employees do. With SafetyPlusWeb™ Site Tracker, you will be able to validate compliance at the individual employee level, allowing only qualified workers onto your job site, and ensuring the workers on your site are adequately trained. All contracting companies receive SafetyPlusWeb™ accounts, Safety Plus Inc’s comprehensive safety management software. With access to SafetyPlusWeb™, Contractors will gain access to powerful safety tools, and you will be able to ensure ongoing safety efforts with features including…


  • Badged Entry – Only allow employees with up-to-date training, drug screens, backgrounds checks, and other custom requirements onto your job sites
  • Stream Site-Specific Training Videos – Require training from the SPW Training Library or upload your own specific training videos, orientations, and tests or acknowledgment forms
  • Contractor Safety Meetings & JSAs – Require contracting companies to hold regular safety meetings and JSAs with electronic signatures that automatically upload to SafetyPlusWeb™ for your review
  • Regular Jobsite Audits – Require contracting company employees to regularly audit their own workspace to identify, document, and correct potential safety hazards
  • Performance Analytics & Reporting – Review contractors’ ongoing safety efforts submissions via access to your own SafetyPlusWeb™ portal
  • Time Tracking – Refer back to badge entries and exits if billing discrepancies ever arise

Audit Employee Training In Real Time

Unique Site Tracker QR codes for each employee can be added to badges or hardhat stickers, allowing customers to check contractor employee compliance in real time. Simply scan the QR code on any mobile device or tablet to generate a report on training history and current employee compliance. Eliminate the risk of unqualified employees performing hazardous tasks.

Try scanning this QR code from your smartphone to see a real-life example. If you have happen to have an iPhone, simply open your iPhone’s camera and hover over the QR code without snapping the photo, otherwise, use a QR reading app. You should be prompted to see a “Live” training and compliance report for a demo employee, William Stockman.

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