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Contractor Site Entry Services

We are proud to provide site entry qualification services to Evonik Industries’ Birmingham, AL, facility. It is our goal to ensure that contractors working in this facility are able to work safely and abide by the plant’s rules and procedures. We strive to do this in the most contractor-friendly, cost-effective manner possible, and pride ourselves on helping all parties involved.

As you are likely aware, Evonik requires that all personnel working on site at the Birmingham, AL facility complete the following: A 10-Panel drug screen and a background check. These services are provided through Safety Plus. Please use the links on this page to register or contact us for service.

Evonik Birmingham Site Entry Requirements

All contractor personnel are required to complete a 10-panel drug screen and a background screen. These requirements must remain up to date.

Collection Locations

Brookwood Baptist Health
110 Oxmoore Court
Birmingham, AL 35209

Safety Plus Inc.
4254 Halls Mill Road
Mobile, AL 36693

10-Panel Drug Screen

All personnel working on site at Evonik must pass standard 10-panel drug screen. This test is can be conducted here at the Safety Plus offices and training center (the cost is $35), or at the Brookwood Baptist Health center (the cost is $50). This requirement will be completed annually by all personnel working on site.

If an individual’s drug screen shows a non-negative result for any reason, a call will be placed to the individual’s company and that company will have the option of whether or not to send the drug screen to the lab. If the test is not sent to the lab, Evonik will consider the test to be positive and the individual will be barred from the facility for at least one year.  

Background Screen

A comprehensive background check is required of all personnel working at Evonik. Turn around time for results is dependent upon where the individual lives, but generally takes 24-72 hours. After completing the background check paper work, click here to send the form to Safety Plus for processing. The cost of the background check is $80.

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