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Contractor Site Entry Services

We are proud to provide site entry qualification services to Evonik Industries’ Theodore, AL, facility. It is our goal to ensure that contractors working in this facility are able to work safely and abide by the plant’s rules and procedures. We strive to do this in the most contractor-friendly, cost-effective manner possible, and pride ourselves on helping all parties involved.

As you are likely aware, Evonik requires that all personnel working on site at the Theodore, AL facility complete the following: A Safety Orientation, a 10-Panel drug screen, a breath alcohol test, a background check, and a site-specific orientation. All of these services are provided through Safety Plus. Please use the links on this page to register for class or contact us for service.

Evonik Site Entry Requirements

All contractor personnel are required to complete a basic safety orientation, a site-specific orientation, a 10-panel drug screen and a breath alcohol test, and a background screen. These requirements must remain up to date, and contractors must have cards in order to be admitted on site. A one-time $200 start-up fee is required to establish new contractor accounts.

Safety Plus Orientation

The Safety Orientation Course offered at Safety Plus covers a range of important topics as set forth by Evonik. The class begins at 7:30 am each morning and typically is completed by 1:00 pm. Attendees are highly encouraged to arrive before 7:30 am to ensure that class starts and ends on time. Topics covered include:

– General Safety Overview Topics:

– JSA/JHA, Accident Reporting, Materials Handling, and more.

– Process Safety Management (PSM)

– Hazard Communication (HazCom), the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and Chemical Safety

– Personal Protective Equipment including Hearing and Respiratory Protection (PPE)

– Electrical Safety and Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO) for Non-Qualified Workers

– Fall Protection including Stairways, Ladders, and Elevated Work Surfaces

– Excavations, Trenching, and Shoring

– Scaffolding

– Confined Space Entry for General Industry & Construction

– Fire Protection & Prevention and Fire Watch

The cost of the class is $35/person, and you can register employees here.

Please Note: Walk-ins for training who have not pre-registered will be charged an additional $25 processing fee. Individuals who have pre-registered, but do not show up, will be charged the same fee. Further, if a contractor’s employee arrives for training and any other requirement will expire within the next 30 days, we will call the company to ask if we should conduct the additional service(s).

In cooperation with Evonik, and dependent upon their approval, we at Safety Plus do acknowledge training equivalents. A $30 fee applies to add training data to SafetyPlusWeb™. Please call 251-661-7650 for instructions regarding the submission of equivalent training. This requirement will be completed annually by all personnel working on site.

10-Panel Drug Screen and Breath Alcohol Test

All personnel working on site at Evonik must pass both a standard 10-panel drug screen and a breath alcohol test. These tests are most commonly conducted here at the Safety Plus offices and training center, but tests conducted at approved collection sites are also accepted. The cost for both the 10-panel drug screen and alcohol test together is $35. Results from tests conducted at other facilities can be sent to Safety Plus and entered into SafetyPlusWeb™ for a $30 fee. This requirement will be completed annually by all personnel working on site.

If an individual’s drug screen shows a non-negative result for any reason – temperature, adulterants, etc. – Safety Plus will conduct an observed drug screen for an additional $10 fee. If this result is also non-negative, a call will be placed to the individual’s company and that company will have the option of whether or not to send the drug screen to the lab. The lab fee is $60. If the test is not sent to the lab, Evonik will consider the test to be positive and the individual will be barred from the facility for at least one year.  

Evonik Site-Specific Orientation

Completion of an online, plant-specific orientation is required for site entry. This course covers hazards, protocols, and procedures that are specific to Evonik’s Theodore, AL facility. It is important for the safety of everyone working that contract personnel be aware of the information provided during this orientation. This course is completed at the Safety Plus Inc. training facility for $25.  When completed at Safety Plus and in conjunction with the Safety Plus Orientation, the course will be covered during the 7:30 am to 1:00 pm session. Personnel renewing this requirement without other requirements are allowed to visit Safety Plus Inc. anytime before 2:00 pm to take the course. This requirement will be completed annually by all personnel working on site.

If background checks have been completed elsewhere and you would like to request approval to have these screens count as equivalents, click here to Download the Equivalent Approval Form.

Background Screen

A comprehensive background check is required of all personnel working at Evonik. The cost of this background check is $65. If an individual has previously completed a background check, that information can be uploaded to SafetyPlusWeb™  for a $35 fee. In order to save time, contractors should have their employees complete the paper work for the background check prior to attending the Orientation. Turn around time for results is dependent upon where the individual lives, but generally takes 24-72 hours. A site-entry card cannot be issued until the results of the background check are in, so it is highly recommended that individuals begin the process before coming to our training center for the Safety Plus Orientation.

After completing the background check paper work, click here to send the form to Safety Plus for processing.

Site Entry Card

Safety Plus Inc. will issue identification cards to all individuals who complete each of the requirements detailed above. These cards will list the individual’s name, company, and hire date; the individual’s status as a Spanish-speaker, non-reader, and/or driver when applicable; and contain the card’s expiration date as well as a barcode. The cost of the card is $25. 

Get in touch with us to find out all that Safety Plus Inc. can offer!