SafetyPlusWeb™ – Safety Management Software

Comprehensive, user-friendly, affordable safety management software for companies of all sizes. It’s safety management made simple.


Whether you are a small company without a dedicated safety manager, a mid-sized firm with a Safety Director, or a larger company with a full safety department, SafetyPlusWeb offers you the support, organization, and resources you need to keep your employees safe, your company compliant, and your costs low. Built by safety experts with over 20 years of safety industry experience, SafetyPlusWeb is used as the foundation of effective safety departments across the nation. This cloud-based safety management system allows customers to track employee training & compliance and gain unlimited access to 65+ training videos, editable safety policies, Toolbox Talks, and hundreds of other safety resources.

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Safety Management

Made Simple

Track Training & Other Safety Requirements

Assign training and employment requirements to employees. Quickly identify what needs to be completed, receive automated notifications, and ensure regulatory & client requirements are being met.

Includes Online Training Library

SafetyPlusWeb™ comes pre-loaded with 65+ training videos and tests in both English & Spanish. Employees can be trained in groups or on their own with access to SafetyPlusWeb Employee Landing Pages.

Track Incidents and Inspections

Log incidents and inspections in SafetyPlusWeb and SPW webApps. Include photos and documents, assign corrective actions, and notify supervisors so nothing falls through the cracks.

Dashboard Analytics

Use automated data analytics to identify safety program trends and make adjustments for improved compliance.

Other Features Include

Email Notification

Unlimited Users

DOT - Compliance

Cloud - Based



Random Drug Tests

And More...

Supporting WebApps

SPW Audits webApp

SafetyPlusWeb’s Audits webApp works on any tablet or smart phone for use in the field or in your facility.

SPW Safety Meetings webApp

Access the SafetyPlusWeb Safety Meeting app on your phone or tablet, discuss the safety issues at hand with employees, and give the attending employees credit with an electronic signature.

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