The Virtual Safety Manager Program

Combining the people, processes, and tools to implement and support a sustainable and cost-effective safety program for your company.

Full Time Support; Part Time Cost
The VSM Program is designed to create and support serious safety programs without the cost of a full-time safety professional, or in larger organizations, to provide oversight, additional resources, and a systematic approach to safety teams.
Ongoing, Unbiased Evaluations
VSM offers clients ongoing, unbiased evaluations of their safety and compliance performance and will follow pre-determined protocols for notifying the client of risks and exposures. Additionally, clients can count on the experts at Safety Plus to advise them when novel exposures, insurance concerns, and regulatory inquiries arise.

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The 6 Key Elements of an Effective Safety Program

Complete Safety Management

The Virtual Safety Manager (VSM) Program leverages SPI’s 25+ years of industry knowledge, proprietary technology, and proven protocols to establish, support, and maintain safety programs for companies across the U.S. Too often, companies will task an unqualified HR or administrative employee with the complex task of safety management. With no safety knowledge, these employees do the bare minimum and open their company to increased liability and potential disaster. The VSM Program is designed to create and support serious safety programs without the cost of a full-time safety professional. Though every safety program is customized to the client’s specific needs, systematic safety programs must routinely identify workplace hazards and exposures; create policies and procedures based on those exposures; train employees in occupational risks; learn from accidents and update policies and procedures as necessary and appropriately retrain employees; measure success; and have the support of executive management.

Initial Safety Program Configuration

VSM Clients will meet with an SPI Certified Safety Professional (CSP) to complete preliminary Hazard & Client Needs Assessments. Information gleaned from these meetings will be used to establish needed safety training, safety policies, audit checklists, inspection schedules, and other safety protocols.

  • Risk Tolerance Evaluation
  • Client Needs Assessment (CNA)
  • Hazard Assessment (HA)
  • Safety Training, Policies, Compliance, and Operating Needs Determined
  • Safety Tasks Assigned
  • Audit Checklists Created for Company Use
  • Program Protocols Established

Safety Content

Policies, procedures, safety audit checklists, toolbox talks, training requirements and training content based on exposures, reporting protocols, and more will be created for the client initially. These items and all program elements will be maintained within SafetyPlusWeb™, our proprietary safety management software system. Other, more specialized, areas of risk and concern will be addressed, monitored, and systematically maintained – including environmental, DOT, MSHA, claims management, contractor management, etc. – with appropriate content created for each.

  • 65+ safety training videos & tests
  • Customized worksite Audit checklists
  • Weekly Safety Meeting topics
  • Safety Policies & Manuals
Data Analysis

Safety Program Oversight

Safety programs are not something that you can set and forget; they require consistent monitoring and stern adherence to established rules. VSM offers clients ongoing, unbiased evaluations of their safety metrics and will follow pre-determined protocols for notifying the client of risks in their safety management programs.

  • Safety analytics
  • SPI Account Manager monitoring safety meeting, worksite audit, and employee training submissions
  • Established contact with at least one company Executive
  • Support in the case of employee incident, accident, or regulatory visit


A revolutionary cloud-based safety management software system originally created for internal use here at Safety Plus. This all-in-one platform offers online training courses, a built-in learning management system, audit and incident management, written resources and document uploads, DOT tracking, and so much more in the most efficient and user-friendly package on the market. All VSM clients have full, Premium access to SafetyPlusWeb, and Safety Plus team members will maintain the system.

Supplementary Services

To offer even greater support, VSM customers can select from a list of additional safety services to support their unique safety needs. From instructor-led training and semi-regular facility/jobsite audits to DOT Driver File management and Pre- Qualification services, Safety Plus offers the safety services organizations need to stay compliant and keep employees safe.

Our Additional Services

– Safety Audits

– Audiometric Testing

– Rescue Services 

– Competent Person Safety Training

– Safety Data Sheet Management

– Drug and Alcohol Testing 

– DOT, EPA, and MSHA Compliance

– Customer Qualification Management

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