At Safety Plus, we are striving to create a world in which safe work and productive work are one and the same.

We recognize that our customers are creating the products we use, cities we live in, infrastructure we take for granted, buildings we inhabit, and standard of living we all enjoy, while remaining cost-effective and productivity sensitive.

We further recognize that their workers are actually doing the creating and deserve a safe work environment. We believe that these are not mutually exclusive aims – safe work can and should be productive work. The services, programs, and software we offer all seek to materially improve workplace safety for customers while remaining cost-effective and productivity-sensitive.

Our Organizational Values Guide Our Actions


100% Commitment

Our team always puts in their best effort, because no other type of effort makes any sense when employee safety and lives are at stake.

Professional Relationships

Our team recognizes our role as a professional consulting firm and strives to build peer-to-peer relationships with clients.


Honest & On Time

Our team is reliable and prompt, completing projects and meeting deliverables according to agreed upon schedules.

Customer Priority

Our team adheres to our own Customer Service Standards, serving clients in a collaborative, prompt, patient, reliable, and positive manner.

high-quality loss control

Our Story

Founded in Mobile, AL in 1991, Safety Plus has been providing high-quality loss control for over 25 years. Our mission is to deliver an aggressive risk management service that generates a significant return on investment, reduces employee related risks, and saves your company both time and money. We are more than consultants. We aim to use our expertise, experience, resources, and capabilities to establish and maintain safe workplace environments for our customers. While primary headquarters are located in Mobile, AL, we currently help manage safety, health, and environmental issues for over 1000 companies nationwide.

Protect Your Company

Having spent years serving a wide range of clients, Safety Plus is able to generate efficiencies that are unattainable by employee driven safety programs. We excel in creating financially feasible loss control programs that have proven to be effective for enterprises of all sizes and across many different industries. Safety Plus concentrates on OSHA, USDOT, MSHA, & EPA regulations to ensure that your company can avoid expensive fines, injuries, and lawsuits. We take tremendous pride in serving as the safety department for our clients. 

Customer Service Standards


We understand if we do not have an immediate answer to a customer’s needs, we should avail ourselves of all Safety Plus resources to help the client.


We know that time is money for our clients. We resolve clients’ issues as quickly as possible, and these issues take first priority.



We provide clients and their employees with as much of our time as they need, and we will spend any amount of effort to solve a problem with them.


We always do what we say we are going to do. We take responsibility for our client’s needs and see those needs through to resolution.


Our Team Members strive to create impactful solutions for our clients, all while maintaining confidence and a positive attitude.

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