A-Gas US, Inc. – Contractor Qualification

Welcome to the SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ Start-Up Page. As part of the A-Gas US, Inc. pre-qualification process, contractors performing work must participate in the SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ program.

This page contains a complete list of instructions for your account set-up and maintenance with step-by-step processes, and links to additional resources. Should you have any questions throughout this process, please contact Our Customer Support Team or call our office help desk at 251-661-7650 and ask to speak with a Contractor Implementation Coordinator.




1) Complete Registration Form

Begin the registration process by choosing one of the options on the right sides of this screen. A Contractor is a company that will be performing work on site and a Vendor is a company that delivers a service to the site. The notification letter that you received from A-Gas should specify this information but if you are unsure of your status as a contractor or vendor, please contact your A-Gas team representative for clarification.

2) Place Your Order

Your SafetyPlusWeb CQ Subscription will connect you to the A-Gas contractor management program where you will submit your company information for review and approval to work as their contractor.

3) Look-out for an Email with your Account Information

The SafetyPlusWeb CQ team will process your order, create your account, and send you an email with additional information. This email will not be instantaneous, please allow one business day for your account to be processed or call our office at the number above to request an urgency be placed on your order.

To register your company, choose the button below that best describes the work your company completes for A-Gas.

For Assistance Call: 


For Contractors: SafetyPlusWeb CQ Implementation Process

(This is to be completed after the above registration is completed and you have received an email from Safety Plus confirming your account has been created)

Company Qualification Questionnaire


1) Gather your Company Documentation

As you progress through the A-Gas Questionnaire, you will need certain information and documentation. This includes, but is not limited to:

• OSHA 300 and 300A logs (previous 3 years); Must be completed and signed. Employee names should be removed.
• EMR (previous 3 years)
• Your Company’s Safety Manual
• Certificate of Insurance; Must meet these requirements


2) Complete the Company Questionnaire

Upon receiving an email with your SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ credentials, proceed to CQ.SafetyPlusWeb.com and login to your profile. You will need to complete all questions within your Contractor Dashboard – these action items are marked with red dots displaying the number of incomplete items remaining. Once all items have been answered, make sure to click the “Submit” button to finalize your responses. For additional information on completing this process, check out our guides and FAQs using the button below.

View FAQ & User Guides

SafetyPlusWeb CQ Login Page

3) Watch for your Status Update

Once you submit responses to all items of the questionnaire, allow 5 business days for a SafetyPlus Software Specialist to begin review of your profile. During this time, your company status will show as Pending. A team member may reach out to you on items that require update or clarification and may contact A-Gas if your reported values do not meet the set standards. These conversations may cause your review process to last longer than 5 days. When the review is complete, you will receive a Status Update email indicating that your company has been marked as Failed, Conditional, or Completed. Once you receive a Conditional or Completed status as a company, your company is now qualified to work.


4) Maintaining your Account

Throughout the year, you will be required to update your documentation. Prior to an item’s expiration, you will receive an update notification email. Make sure to complete these updates before the current document expires to ensure that your company can continue working for A-Gas without interruption.

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