SafetyPlusWeb™ Customizable Safety Forms

SPW Forms allows users to completely customize their safety processes and procedures with editable forms. Build templates, configure workflows, capture electronic signatures, send notifications, and establish processes that will take your safety program to the next level.

Learn how SafetyPlusWeb™ Forms makes safety management simple.

SafetyPlusWeb™ Forms

SPW Forms provides the level of customization your safety program has been looking for. Implement daily safety tasks and incorporate automated workflows into your established safety processes. Work from SafetyPlusWeb™ templates or build your own custom forms that can be used in your safety program to perform:

  • Lockout Tagout Procedures (LOTO)
  • Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA)
  • First Reports of Injury (FROI)
  • Incident Root Cause Analysis
  • Inspections/Audits

    Lockout Tagout with SPW Forms

    Effective Lockout Tagout procedures are a critical aspect of a successful safety program. SPW Forms allows users to customize these processes, ensuring that dangerous machines are properly shut off and documenting personnel involved, pictures, time stamps, geo-tagged locations, and electronic signatures.

    JSAs with SPW Forms

    Every job should start with a JSA/JHA so that all employees involved are properly prepared to handle the hazards they may encounter. Customize your JSAs to review potential accidents or hazards, recommended PPE, and any other unique recommendations for the job at hand. Capture employee attendance, electronic signatures, photos, changes, and more.

      First Report of Injury with SPW Forms

      Despite your best efforts to prevent them, incidents happen. How quickly and effectively you respond to these incidents can affect the impact they have. Customize your First Report of Injury forms to notify relevant parties, enact emergency protocols, and kickstart internal efforts to mitigate their damage.

        Audits with SPW Forms

        SPW Forms provides an unmatched level of customization for your company’s audits and inspection protocols. Create custom audit forms for machinery, property, processes, and procedures, capture all relevant data, generate reports and analytics, and configure notifications to alert all relevant parties.

          SafetyPlusWeb™ is a comprehensive safety management software that includes training (70+ videos and tests), requirements tracking, audits, incident management, safety meetings, electronic signatures, advanced analytics, and more.

          Features & Benefits

          Jason Thompson, Kilgore Companies

          “SafetyPlusWeb makes documentation of employee certifications and facility audits easy and efficient. It is a vital tool and will be utilized here for years to come.” 

          Lee Reagan, Canary USA

          “SafetyPlusWeb has made our safety program more efficient for training employees and viewing training expirations. The QR Code Compliance Reporting is an incredibly helpful resource, allowing me, my supervisors, and even our clients to check individual employee training compliance while on the jobsite, without having to dig through mounds of paper work and files.”

          Jessica Marinoble, Environmental Systems Service

          “For a company with lots of employees that are in the field daily, SafetyPlusWeb is the best option to meet safety training requirements. We no longer have to coordinate multiple training sessions so employees can alternate coming int the office, and we can easily view who is up to date on their training.”


          Case Studies

          We’ve partnered with thousands of companies throughout the US to help them build better safety programs. Learn about some of our success stories by checking out these SafetyPlusWeb™ Case Studies.

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