Safety Solutions For Workers On The Floor

Heavy machinery, noise, and hazardous equipment are just a few things your employees might encounter in manufacturing. We take these risks into account so that the people on your team stay safe.


Safety is a necessity, but it shouldn’t break your business.

Managing a safety program on your own is a massive effort and can be a huge drain on productivity - leading to project delays, incidents, lost bids, and lost profits. You should be able to run an effective, sustainable safety program without complying yourself out of business.

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Safety Plus has helped us get contractors on site quickly - getting them in and out of training efficiently and making the whole process hassle-free.

Bryant Turberville

Evonik Industries


Fully outsourced safety services built
for compliance and efficiency.

Get big-picture program management with the people processes and tools you need for safety and productivity.

Program Management

A risk-focused, fully-managed solution for sustainable safety operations.

Safety Services

Pick one or a combination of services to offload your safety and compliance needs.


Safety management software designed by safety professionals.

Simplify your life and make safe work efficient with the right tools.


All-in-one safety management platform. Make productive compliance easy.

Contractor Qualification

Streamlined vetting and prequalification. Make qualification simple for you and your contractors.


Get the right site safety personnel. Without all the hassle.

Let us find and place site safety personnel for your next project.

Staff Your Project

The right skill sets, credentials, and cultural fit. Aligned with your safety needs.

Join Our Network

Apply to join our growing list of industry-leading site safety professionals.

We know how hard it is to manage
safety and compliance efficiently.

We've helped thousands of customers get back to generating profits
instead of worrying about reports. See how our clients save hours and
headaches with our sustainable safety programs.

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Safety Plus has helped us get contractors on site quickly - getting them in and out of training efficiently and making the whole process hassle-free.

Bryant Turberville

Evonik Industries

Safety Plus helped us create a New Hire Orientation Program that gives us peace of mind that new employees are properly trained and able to perform work safely the first time they clock in for a shift.

Bradley Myer

Myer Marine

Safety Plus helps us reach our established safety goals by making training tracking and certification management easier and more efficient than ever.

Andrew Peter

Core Industries

Ever since we started with SafetyPlusWeb, we have seen a complete transformation of our safety program. Our staff is not just taking more training, they are understanding the importance of safety. SafetyPlusWeb has been so effective that we’ve actually seen a decrease in lost-time incidents.

Patti Peeples

Metal Trades

Our partnership with Safety Plus has allowed us to focus on our day-to-day industrial cleaning operations while they remain laser-focused on our safety operations. They have helped keep our employees safe year in and year out by handling every aspect of safety from training, to inspections, to documentation.

Chris Smith

Smith Industrial Services

Due to an emergency, we lost a site safety person. Safety Plus came through in our time of need and had a qualified professional on our site within 48 hours. As a result, we were able to save money while keeping production going.

Bradley Marecek


Getting safety right doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Get the support you need for your safety operations. We’ll help you put the right mix of people, processes, and software to work – so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Step 01
Schedule a Quick Call

One of our safety compliance professionals will reach out to learn more about your business’s needs.

Step 02
Get a Custom Safety Plan

We’ll design the right safety program that won’t slow you down.

Step 03
Make Safety Efficient

And erase your safety frustrations once and for all.


Prevent Tragedy and Scale Effectively by Making Safe Work Efficient