Safety Audit Software
(Inspection Checklists)

Safety Audits allow companies to proactively identify, catalogue, and address hazards, preventing incidents before they occur. SafetyPlusWeb™ Audits allow every employee to capture critical safety data with their own phone or tablet, right from the jobsite.


SafetyPlusWeb™ Safety Audits

With SafetyPlusWeb Safety Audits, your employees can perform safety audits on their own mobile device or tablet. Inspect the jobsite, proactively identify hazards, assign corrective actions, and make sure that no identified hazard causes an avoidable incident.

Safety Audit Software

  • Customize your own Inspection Checklists 
  • Identify hazards, capture photos, assign risk levels
  • Track corrective actions
  • Automate supervisor notifications

Notifications & Risk Assessment Codes

Configure notifications to automatically notify administrators, supervisors, or foremen to ensure that no identified hazard goes unaddressed. Additionally, email PDF reports of completed audits to external parties on a case-by-case basis. Assign each hazard a Risk Assessment Code (RAC) to qualify hazards that need immediate attention. 

Audit notifications mean hazards get noticed

  • Automate your internal notifications
  • Address higher risk hazards first
  • Share audit data with external parties


SafetyPlusWeb is a comprehensive safety management software. Track Audits (Inspection Checklists) using Employee phones or tablets. Train employees with the SafetyPlusWeb Training Library, track requirements, manage incidents, host safety meetings, and recognize safety program trends with advanced analytics.

Safety management made simple.

  • Audits & Inspections
  • 70+ safety training videos
  • Mange Incidents & OSHA Logs
  • Safety Meetings with electronic signatures
  • Advanced Analytics

Jason Thompson, Kilgore Companies

“SafetyPlusWeb makes documentation of employee certifications and facility audits easy and efficient. It is a vital tool and will be utilized here for years to come.” 

Lee Reagan, Canary USA

“SafetyPlusWeb has made our safety program more efficient for training employees and viewing training expirations. The QR Code Compliance Reporting is an incredibly helpful resource, allowing me, my supervisors, and even our clients to check individual employee training compliance while on the jobsite, without having to dig through mounds of paper work and files.”

Jessica Marinoble, Environmental Systems Service

“For a company with lots of employees that are in the field daily, SafetyPlusWeb is the best option to meet safety training requirements. We no longer have to coordinate multiple training sessions so employees can alternate coming int the office, and we can easily view who is up to date on their training.”


Case Studies

We’ve partnered with thousands of companies throughout the US to help them build better safety programs. Learn about some of our success stories by checking out these SafetyPlusWeb™ Case Studies.

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