SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass

SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass allows new hires, subcontractors, and union workers to self-register as a worker on your jobsite. Administrators can email the self-registration link ahead of time or set up a QR Code station at the entrance to the jobsite, where visitors can scan, self-register, and complete any training videos that are automatically assigned upon registration. Solve the issue of uncredentialed workers, high turnover, and temporary employees with SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass.

Learn how SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass makes employee management simple.


Employee Quick Pass

With Employee Quick Pass, workers can register themselves for training via a unique company link, allowing them to complete their job training before going on-site. This process accelerates the on-boarding process and makes safety management simple for both the employer and employee. SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass will help ease the problems of workforce fluidity that are often experienced by companies that utilize:

  • Temporary Labor
  • High Turnover
  • Union Employees
  • Subcontractors

Employee Self Registration

At the heart of Employee Quick Pass is the ability for workers to self-register for an existing SafetyPlusWeb™ Account. This allows companies to save hours of administrative time in the on-boarding process as well as eliminate questions of compliance for temporary workers. Workers simply add their name and other relevant information to the Registration Page and SafetyPlusWeb™ handles the rest. Workers will automatically be assigned relevant training videos and Supervisors will be notified that a new worker has been added to their roster.

How Workers Register

SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass includes a unique registration link and landing page for your company. This link can be displayed as a QR Code Image that can be displayed in the lobby of your office, on or in the trailer or entrance of a specific jobsite, or it can be emailed to potential workers prior to their arrival to a specific job.

    Training Automatically Assigned

    During the Quick Pass self-registration process, workers will be prompted to select a job title or various types of work. These selections will be dictated by your company during the Implementation process and will correlate to trainings that will automatically be assigned to the new workers.

      Upload Certifications

      Once registered, workers will be directed to a page that details their required training and certifications. If they do not currently have the necessary training, they will be able to watch included training material and take an associated exam. For credentials and certifications that workers already possess, they will be prompted to upload certifications that can be reviewed and approved by your administrative staff.


        Proprietary Safety Management Software

        SafetyPlusWeb™ is a comprehensive safety management software that includes training (80 videos and tests), requirements tracking, audits, incident management, safety meetings, electronic signatures, advanced analytics, and more.

        Features & Benefits

        Jason Thompson, Kilgore Companies

        “SafetyPlusWeb makes documentation of employee certifications and facility audits easy and efficient. It is a vital tool and will be utilized here for years to come.” 

        Lee Reagan, Canary USA

        “SafetyPlusWeb has made our safety program more efficient for training employees and viewing training expirations. The QR Code Compliance Reporting is an incredibly helpful resource, allowing me, my supervisors, and even our clients to check individual employee training compliance while on the jobsite, without having to dig through mounds of paper work and files.”

        Jessica Marinoble, Environmental Systems Service

        “For a company with lots of employees that are in the field daily, SafetyPlusWeb is the best option to meet safety training requirements. We no longer have to coordinate multiple training sessions so employees can alternate coming int the office, and we can easily view who is up to date on their training.”


        Case Studies

        We’ve partnered with thousands of companies throughout the US to help them build better safety programs. Learn about some of our success stories by checking out these SafetyPlusWeb™ Case Studies.

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