Contractor Qualification System.

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ helps Owner-Clients manage contractors, vendors, and suppliers with customized questionnaires, document uploads, and administrative reviews. For Owner-Clients seeking to vet leading indicators of safety performance, the CQ +SiteTracker upgrade empowers Owner-Clients to stream video training material, verify individual employee qualifications, and monitor contractors’ ongoing commitment to safety.

Qualify the Contractor

Qualify contractors, suppliers, and vendors on a company level.

  • Customizable Contractor Questionnaires 
  • Contractor Uploads (Policies, Insurance, OSHA Logs)
  • Custom KPI Dashboards
  • Contractor Scoring
  • Variance Management with Expirations
  • Configure Risk-based Contractor Levels
  • Administrative Review & Support

Qualify the Employee

Go beyond qualifying your contractors as a company, and vet the qualifications of each individual employee entering your work site.

  • Contractor SafetyPlusWeb™ Access
  • Video Stream Site Orientations and 70+ safety videos
  • Contractor Employee ID Badges
  • Entry & Exit Barcode Scanning
  • Reject Unqualified Employees
  • Contractor Employee Time Tracking
  • Contractor Audits & Analytics
  • Contractor Meeting Submissions

Contractor Management Pricing.

We re-imagined Contractor Qualification, so we decided to reimagine the pricing as well.

Contractor Questionnaires

Start with Safety Plus’s proprietary templates and add as many pre-qualifying questions as you need. Require document uploads, determine automatic failure ranges, and score contractors according to your standard.

Customizable Questionnaires

  • Questionnaires configured to each contractor, supplier, or vendor’s unique exposure level
  • Start with Safety Plus templates
  • Guided implementation to configure customizations
  • Score Contractors based on YOUR Key Performance Indicators

Administrative Review

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ will automatically identify contractors that pass, fail, or receive a conditional approval. Set up your system to automatically generate approvals and failures, internally review conditional approvals, or delegate review to Safety Plus administrators.

The Review Process

  • Automated Review
  • Internal Review
  • Safety Plus Expert Review
  • Exception/Variance Management 
  • Exception/Variance Expiration Dates

Empower Your Contractors

The unique value of the CQ +SiteTracker Program is that it empowers contractors to work more safely and efficiently on your jobsite. CQ +SiteTracker does this by arming all contractors with Complete SafetyPlusWeb™ Access.

SafetyPlusWeb™ – Safety Management Software

  • Video Training Library
  • Requirements Tracking
  • Inspections & Audits App
  • Incident Management & OSHA Logs
  • Safety Meetings 
  • Advanced Analytics

Stream Site Safety Videos & Orientations

Stream site-specific orientation videos and other safety training content to any employee that intends to step on your jobsite. Require training be completed prior to employees visiting the jobsite and verify training completion with scanned ID entry to the facility.

Contractor Training Content

  • Add your Orientation and site-specific info
  • 70+ online training videos included with SafetyPlusWeb™
  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly
  • Employee-specific profile pages
  • Automatically track completed online training

Contractor Badges

Require contractor employees to badge in and out of the jobsite with unique bar codes to verify minimum entry qualifications and capture time spent on the site. Use SafetyPlusWeb™ QR Code Compliance to monitor compliance on specific, hazardous tasks in real time.

Contractor Employee Badges

  • Qualified Entry Monitoring
  • Automatic Contractor Employee Time Tracking
  • Real-time Compliance Verification
  • Compatible with any smart phone or tablet
  • View physical document uploads

Bryant Turberville, Evonik Industries

“Safety Plus is very accommodating when trying to contractors on site. They work with our contractors to get them in and out of training efficiently and hassle free.”

Bradley Marecek, Cargill

“Due to an emergency, we lost a site safety person. Safety Plus came through in our time of need and had a qualified professional on our site within 48 hours. As a result, we were able to save money while keeping production going.”

SafetyPlusWeb CQ Customers

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