Comprehensive Safety Management Software

SafetyPlusWeb™ is a comprehensive, cloud-based safety management software. Train your staff, track training and other employee requirements, log inspections, manage incidents, capture employee signatures, and analyze trends in every aspect of your safety program. Built by safety experts with over 30 years of industry experience, SafetyPlusWeb has the tools you need to manage any safety program effectively and efficiently. Need more direction on how to build and support your complete safety program? Check out our Program Management info here.

Safety Training Online

SafetyPlusWeb™ comes pre-loaded with over 70 safety training videos and corresponding tests. Enjoy the flexibility of training your employees in groups or individually with employee-wide access to the training library, accessible on any mobile device. Add your own custom content in video or PowerPoint/PDF format, assign required training, and modify recurring expiration dates to ensure that your employees are properly prepared to meet the hazards of their job.

SafetyPlusWeb Training Library

  • Mobile-friendly Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Accessible to all employees on their own devices
  • 70 videos & exams included
  • Add your own custom content
  • English & Spanish training modules included

Track Employee Requirements

Assign training and other safety or employment requirements to your staff. Quickly identify missing requirements of individual employees, full departments, or the entire company. Set up automatic emails to notify employees and supervisors when training is soon to expire. Print ID Badges and Hardhat stickers with Employee Compliance QR Codes so that supervisors can check real-time compliance while on the job.

Requirements Tracking

  • Assign requirements by employee, job classification, or employee qualifications
  • Configure email notifications for expiring items
  • Download Reports by employee, supervisor, or department

Inspections and Audits

With SafetyPlusWeb Audits, your employees can perform safety audits on their own mobile device or tablet. Inspect the jobsite, proactively identify hazards, assign corrective actions, and make sure that no identified hazard causes an avoidable incident.

Safety Audit Software

  • Configure your own Inspection Checklists
  • Identify hazards, snap pictures, and assign risk levels
  • Track corrective actions
  • Send automatic notifications for unaddressed hazards

Safety Meetings

Keep safety on the top of your employees’ minds by hosting Safety Meetings in the field. Discuss one of SafetyPlusWeb’s included 500 Toolbox Talk topics and capture electronic signatures using your smart phone or tablet touch screen.

Meetings, meet technology

  • 500+ Toolbox Talk topics included
  • Add your own content, including JSAs and SDSs
  • Capture electronic signatures

Incident Management &

Even with the perfect safety plan, incidents can occur. A key element of any effective safety program is a systematic way to record workplace incidents and accidents, identify incident causes, and assign corrective actions to prevent future incidents. SafetyPlusWeb™ allows you to capture all necessary OSHA 300, 300A, and OSHA 301 information, catalog man-hours, and auto-generate OSHA Logs by department and location.

Incident Management Software

  • Log injury and other incident details
  • Assign corrective actions
  • Generate OSHA Logs

Dynamic Forms

SPW Forms provides the level of customization your safety program has been looking for. Implement daily safety tasks and incorporate automated workflows into your established safety processes. Work from SafetyPlusWeb™ templates or build your own custom forms that can be used in your safety program to perform:

  • Lockout Tagout Procedures (LOTO)
  • Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA)
  • First Reports of Injury (FROI)
  • Incident Root Cause Analysis
  • Inspections/Audits


SafetyPlusWeb™ Tasks allows users to assign single-instance and regularly recurring tasks of any kind to any member of your team. Whether you are scheduling audits, setting reminders for regulatory compliance procedures, assigning follow up actions, or conducting any other type of work, you can maintain visibility into your workflow and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Employee Quick Pass

With SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass, workers can register themselves for training via a unique company link, allowing them to complete their job training before going on site. This process accelerates the on-boarding process and makes safety management simple for both the employer and employee. SafetyPlusWeb™ Employee Quick Pass will help ease the problems of workforce fluidity that are often experienced by companies that encounter:

  • Temporary Labor
  • High Turnover
  • Union Employees
  • Subcontractors

SafetyPlusWeb™ App

The SafetyPlusWeb™ Native App puts safety in the hands of every employee at your company. Capture audits, view employee compliance, report observed hazards, complete training, and collect electronic signatures. SafetyPlusWeb™ already made safety simple, but now it’s accessible to everyone on your team.

Advanced Analytics

SafetyPlusWeb™ Data is securely stored, processed, and intelligently categorized, allowing customers to identify organizational safety trends with lagging & leading hazard indicators. Analyze data within each SafetyPlusWeb™ module, including training, audits, incidents, safety meetings, and DOT management.

Safety Analytics

  • Track progress in all aspects of your safety program
  • Identify Lagging and Leading Indicators
  • Make informed decisions
  • Work towards continuous improvement

New Features Coming Soon

SafetyPlusWeb is a Software as a Subscription (SAAS) safety management solution. This model allows customers to automatically receive regular updates which include new software features and benefits. Want to know what features are coming soon or request specific software features? Subscribe to our Software Features & Benefits Email newsletter and you’ll be able to see new releases and request future software developments that you may need.

Jason Thompson, Kilgore Companies

“SafetyPlusWeb makes documentation of employee certifications and facility audits easy and efficient. It is a vital tool and will be utilized here for years to come.” 

Lee Reagan, Canary USA

“SafetyPlusWeb has made our safety program more efficient for training employees and viewing training expirations. The QR Code Compliance Reporting is an incredibly helpful resource, allowing me, my supervisors, and even our clients to check individual employee training compliance while on the jobsite, without having to dig through mounds of paper work and files.”

Jessica Marinoble, Environmental Systems Service

“For a company with lots of employees that are in the field daily, SafetyPlusWeb is the best option to meet safety training requirements. We no longer have to coordinate multiple training sessions so employees can alternate coming int the office, and we can easily view who is up to date on their training.”


Case Studies

We’ve partnered with thousands of companies throughout the US to help them build better safety programs. Learn about some of our success stories by checking out these SafetyPlusWeb™ Case Studies.

Our SafetyPlusWeb™ Customers


SafetyPlusWeb™ was initially designed to be used as an internal company resource. Upon its development in 2014, Safety Plus decided to release it as a stand-alone software product that would help companies across the United States manage effective and efficient safety programs. Unlike most software solutions, SafetyPlusWeb is a safety software designed by a safety company, meaning it was designed with an understanding of real safety issues. Additionally, SafetyPlusWeb’s initial development as an internal resource means that we can offer a competitive price compared to other tech-built software. Contact us today to receive a price quote for a safety software built to fit your needs.


Software solutions are only worth their while if they are properly implemented. While SafetyPlusWeb is an intuitive, user-friendly solution, we have developed an Implementation Process to ensure all SafetyPlusWeb customers are satisfied with their system set up, training, and backdata migration.

Starting with SafetyPlusWeb

  • Individual Implementation Coordinator assigned
  • Multiple implementation meetings (in-person & virtual options)
  • HRSync options for ongoing employee roster management
  • Integrations available upon request

Request a Consult

Program Management

Safety Plus is headquartered on the Gulf Coast but we serve clients across the United States. In addition to providing safety software solutions to over 1,000 US Customers, Safety Plus offers a Safety Program Management package for customers who need more support. Program Management customers meet with a Safety Plus Certified Safety Professional (CSP) to complete an initial Hazard Analysis and Client Needs Assessment. Upon completion of the analysis and assessment, Safety Plus builds a customized safety program, configures the client’s SafetyPlusWeb platform, and installs metrics for ongoing oversight and continuous program improvement.

Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Hazard Analysis

  • Initial Program Design
  • Premium SafetyPlusWeb™ Access
  • Continuous Program Oversight