Safety Training & Ad Hoc Services

Our professional safety trainers can teach essentially any safety training course. Whether you need OSHA-10 or OSHA-30, MSHA New Miner or Refresher, competent HAZWOPER or confined space, we do it all. Along with nearly 100 instructor-led classes, we also over more than 70 computer-based safety trainings.

Safety Plus also offers a wide variety of safety-related services including mock OSHA audits, audiometric testing, industrial hygiene monitoring and air quality sampling, rescue teams, driver file maintenance, assistance with contractor pre-qualification accounts, drug and alcohol testing, policy maintenance, and environmental reporting.

Instructor-Led Training

Safety Plus offers a wide array of instructor-led safety trainings that cover topics under categories such as OSHA 10/30 Hour, Equipment Training, Chemical & Substance Awareness, DOT, Medical Services, & much more. Below is a list of our offered trainings.

Computer Based Training

Safety Plus currently offers over 70 online safety training courses. Course lengths vary depending on the amount of time required to fully cover the subject, and all courses include a post-test for proper documentation. These online training modules are accepted by many large facilities and can meet general compliance needs. For the courses that require physical assessments in addition to the training module and test (i.e. forklift training), we provide assessment forms. Online courses are available for individual sale, or by an unlimited monthly subscription. SafetyPlusWeb™ software customers also enjoy unlimited access to online training included with their subscription.

New Hire Orientation

In a typical company, providing safety training means paying at least two employees to stop performing their normal duties and spend hours in a room together. Are your managers even qualified to provide that training? Every time you use the New Hire Orientation Program you are gaining an immediate return on your investment. New employees come to work with the training they need, and you do not have to pay managers and supervisors to perform non-productive work. Learn More…

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Audits (Facility/Jobsite Inspections)

“A proactive, ongoing process to identify and assess hazards in order to fix them is a core element of any effective safety and health program…. Periodically inspect the workplace to identify new or recurring hazards, investigate injuries, illnesses, incidents, and close calls/near misses to identify the underlying hazards.” – OSHA Safety & Health Program Guidelines

Safety Plus Inc safety professionals conduct regular facility and jobsite audits to identify, document, and correct workplace hazards to help prevent employee injuries and OSHA fines.

Determine the frequency of needed audits on your own or with the consultation of Safety Plus. Combine this service with the Virtual Safety Manager program or SafetyPlusWeb™ to review your Open Inspections Reports, assign corrective actions, and notify supervisors at any time.

Audiometric Testing

Safety Plus provides Audiometric Testing to keep Hearing Loss Prevention programs in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies.

Testing is performed by experienced, CAOHC-certified, audiometric technicians utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality mobile test available. The mobile testing unit is controlled by an ANSI-compliant system called the Benson CCA-200mini which enables testing in an open environment to reduce false threshold shifts and the need for enclosures that sometimes trigger employee anxiety.

SPI can conduct over 150 hearing tests per 8-hour shift at the at a location of the client’s choosing to limit employee downtime and overall administrative costs.

The Benson CCA-200mini
The CCA-200mini delivers extraordinary advantages over conventional audiometers. By continuously monitoring ambient noise levels and comparing employee responses to the actual noise level, the CCA-200mini eliminates false environmental responses.
*Audiometric testing is limited to the Southeastern United States.

Industrial / Rescue Services

Industrial Hygiene
Safety Plus Inc. professional industrial hygienists provide the expertise to assist in analyzing, identifying, and measuring workplace hazards or stressors that can cause sickness, impaired health, or significant discomfort in workers. Safety Plus assists in the implementation of engineering controls, administrative controls, and best work practices and also assists in the selection, training, and use of proper PPE.
Environmental Compliance
Safety Plus manages client environmental compliance by assisting in a wide range of required items such as Discharge Monitoring Reports, Title V Air permitting, Tank & Dike inspections, SPCC Plan Development, and much more. The Safety Plus Environmental Compliance program consists of three components:

  • Program Development
  • Reporting & Review
  • Regulatory Sampling

Site Rescue Teams & Training
Safety Plus Inc. Rescue is comprised of certified emergency service personnel from municipal and industrial backgrounds and equipped with state of the art technology used to provide customers with cost effective and efficient services.

DOT Management

Safety Plus provides complete development, organization, and maintenance of a comprehensive DOT Driver File system to ensure company drivers are compliant within governmental regulations. In light of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) requirements, Safety Plus DOT Management covers:

  • Development of Company Drug Testing Procedure
  • Federal USDOT Drug Testing, Reporting, and Record Keeping
  • USDOT Random Selections for Drug/Alcohol Testing
  • USDOT Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Review & Reporting
    • Bi-Annual MS-150 Reporting
    • Quarterly CSA Fleet Safety Status Review
  • Driver Qualification File (DQF) Maintenance
  • Company assistance in the event of DOT governmental compliance audit
  • Annual DOT Mock Audits

Contractor Pre-Qualification

Safety Plus provides complete set-up as well as comprehensive management and ongoing maintenance programs for contractor verification needs. Safety Plus administrative staff will work towards 100% acceptance. With policies that have already been reviewed and approved, Safety Plus ensures fast turnaround and complete accuracy so customers never have to worry about being on the qualified / approved vendor lists for their clients.

Managed Programs:

  • ISNetworld®
  • BROWZ®
  • Avetta®
  • PEC Premier®

Drug & Alcohol Programs

Safety Plus is a premier drug test provider offering a wide variety of testing programs to ensure employees and/or subcontractors are not abusing substances.

SafetyPlusWeb™ allows customers to generate random lists from the entire company, specific departments, and DOT-qualified employees to drug test on company or regulatory-determined intervals.

HSE Policy Management

Safety Plus offers assistance in creating the comprehensive safety, human resource, and industrial safety policies that organizations need. In addition, SafetyPlusWeb includes a robust resource library with polices covering everything from NFPA-70E to Compressed Gasses to Office Cell Phone Use policies that can be accessed at the click of a button.

For companies that combine HSE Policy Management with SafetyPlusWeb™, every safety policy and Safety Data Sheet can be made available to employees on their mobile devices or tablets.

*HSE Policy Management is included in the Virtual Safety Manager program.

Safety Data Sheets

“Employers must ensure that SDSs are readily accessible to employees for all hazardous chemicals in their workplace.” – OSHA 29 CRF 1910.1200(g)

Safety Data Sheets are critical for worker safety and regulatory compliance but maintaining accurate SDS records can be tricky. Safety Plus has partnered with Global Safety Management (GSM) to provide consistently up-to-date Safety Data Sheets for clients.

Using GSM’s patent-pending software, companies author, translate, and manage safety data sheets at a fraction of the time and cost of other systems. The software is designed to be straightforward and affordable. GSM’s software is cloud-based, so your SDSs are always available and up-to-date. Get important safety information in seconds – even on mobile devices.