Safety Management Software


SafetyPlusWeb is a single platform to help you execute, measure, and continuously improve your safety program. Built by safety professionals with over 30 years of industry experience, it has the features necessary to keep your business compliant, your employees safe, and your projects on time.


Online Safety Training

Requirements Tracking

Incident Management

Audits & Inspections

Customizable Forms


Advanced Analytics

Native Mobile App

SafetyPlusWeb Safety Management Software

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Safety programs are often complex.
Managing them doesn’t have to be.

Mobile App

Our native mobile app empowers your team with offline capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted safety contributions from every member. Stay connected and productive, even in remote locations.


Conduct customized audits anytime, anywhere, even without phone service. Identify potential hazards, proactively prevent incidents, and maintain a safer work environment.


Capture critical information swiftly when accidents occur. Instantly notify the relevant personnel, assign corrective actions, and avert further damage to enhance safety protocols.

Safety Tasks

Effortlessly assign one-off or recurring safety management tasks to any team member. Streamline safety responsibilities and enhance accountability throughout the organization.

Training Library

Access a comprehensive library of over 70 safety training videos along with corresponding tests. Additionally, customize the content and enable employees to complete training on their preferred devices, fostering flexible learning.


Simplify compliance with automated OSHA 300 Log generation. Produce company-wide or department-specific logs with just a single click, saving valuable time and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into safety performance with SafetyPlusWeb's advanced analytics module. Identify both lagging and leading indicators of safety issues, enabling data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.


Experience a seamless transition with guided rollouts and continuous, hands-on support from our dedicated customer service team. Maximize the software's potential and ensure your safety initiatives thrive.

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Ready to remove the chaos from your safety management?


We know how hard it is to manage
safety and compliance efficiently.

We've helped thousands of customers get back to generating profits
instead of worrying about reports. See how our clients save hours and
headaches with our sustainable safety programs.

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Southern Field has contracted over 50 temporary safety professionals from the Safety Plus Site Safety Personnel Network in the past few years. When the need arises, Safety Plus is able to connect us with qualified and credentialed safety professionals.



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The 6 Pillars of an Effective Safety Program

How to run a safety program without complying yourself out
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