Safety Plus, Inc Moves to New Location

Mobile, AL – January 4, 2022 — After thirty years on Halls Mill Road, Safety Plus has moved its corporate headquarters to the Festival Centre building off of Airport Blvd and Montlimar Drive (across from Home Depot and East of Academy Sports and Outdoors). This move comes after several years of fast-paced growth with an expanding staff to better support both their local Safety Program Management client base as well as their internationally utilized software, SafetyPlusWeb™.

The address for the new headquarters is 3725 Airport Blvd, Suite 208-B, Mobile, AL 36608. The new headquarters features larger training rooms and computer labs which will better support the increasing demand for customer employee training in both group and individual training sessions as well as substance abuse testing. The Corporate Entrance is on the North side of the building under the large Safety Plus logo and the Training & Testing Entrance is on the East side of the building, facing Montlimar Drive.

Additionally, the new headquarters can house many more employees as Safety Plus continues to grow and develop their SafetyPlusWeb™ and SafetyPlusWeb™ Contractor Qualification software suites to include more features and benefits. President Taylor Engerson said of the move, “We are from Mobile and of Mobile, and we are very happy to make this move to a larger office facility right here at home. It is so important to us, as we continue to grow, that we provide the best experience and service to our local customers and at the same time continue to hire locally to develop SafetyPlusWeb™ to be the best safety management software on the market.”

About Safety Plus, Inc: Safety Plus delivers aggressive risk management services that generate a significant return on investment, reduce employee-related risks, and save companies time and money. Safety Plus uses expertise, experience, resources, and capabilities to establish and maintain safe workplace environments for customers. While headquarters are in Mobile, AL, Safety Plus currently helps manage safety, health, and environmental issues for thousands of companies nationwide. To learn more about how they can assist with safety needs, please visit or give them a call at 251-661-7650.

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